What’s Better: DIY Whitening or Professional Whitening?

White teeth are beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, our teeth can turn yellow or even brown over time. If you want whiter teeth, there are several DIY whitening products that you can use, or you can visit the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ for professional whitening. Which one is better? Knowing the difference can help you decide which one is right for you.

DIY Whitening

DIY teeth whitening products are available for sale at the pharmacy and other stores that sell health and self-care products. DIY whitening products come in many forms including toothpaste and whitening kits. These products are easy to buy and often cost less than standard professional whitening services. However, there are some downsides.

Compared to professional whitening, DIY whitening products often take many days or even weeks to produce results. In addition, when you’re doing the work yourself, there’s always the chance that you can over-whiten your teeth. Over whitening causes sensitivity and other damage. Even if the product you buy works well, you might be disappointed to find out that the results don’t last as long as a professional whitening.

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening is efficient, safe and effective. With whitening that’s being supervised by a dentist, you won’t have to worry that your dentist will over whiten your teeth. When the whitening is done, your teeth should be several shades whiter. The results will be long-lasting as well, so you can enjoy the results of your whitening for a long time after the procedure is over.

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