Restorative Care

Explore Dental Restoration in Phoenix to enhance your smile

A healthy set of teeth allows your smile to shine beautifully and your body to stay healthy. Dr. Owen Waldman and his team are dedicated to improving the health of their patients using state-of-the-art dental care. Visit Waldman Dental Group in Phoenix, AZ, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Waldman to determine the best treatment plan to help you reach your best smile yet.

Committed to Your Dental Care

Common dental issues--such as decay, gum disease, and missing teeth--can hinder a patient’s esthetic and function of their smile. These complications can intensify other health issues when left untreated, making it especially important to maintain optimal oral health. Dr. Waldman assists patients in stabilizing their health and improving their smile by administering personalized dental care to treat each individual’s unique case. Services we offer at our practice include:

Teeth repairs can be completed using a number of different methods. Depending on your needs, Dr. Waldman can use bonding to repair chips or cracks or cap it with a crown to restore the structure and function while protecting the natural tooth from decay.

Replacement teeth address missing teeth at any point in the smile. We offer bridges and dentures as traditional methods to replacing missing teeth.

Root canal treatment can be used to save a decayed tooth and preserve the root to maintain the necessary support for the jaw. This procedure eliminates decay within the tooth, fills the space to restore the inner structure, and caps the tooth with a cap to protect it and improve the function of the tooth.

Extraction, including wisdom teeth extractions, are necessary when teeth grow impacted or when a tooth can no longer be saved by root canal therapy.

Gum disease therapy addresses tartar buildup below the gum line to encourage the body’s natural healing to take place. We now offer LANAP treatment, an FDA approved laser treatment that offers a less painful alternative to traditional dental surgery. This technology treats issues related to the soft tissues of the mouth and encourages regeneration of new bone and gums. Our lasers can target inflammation without damaging healthy tissue.

Dental Implants

A comprehensive way to replace missing teeth, dental implants provide unmatched support and stability for restorations. Patients suffering from missing teeth can replace a single tooth up to an entire arch using implants. Once you’ve received dental implant posts from a dental surgeon, Dr. Waldman can restore the dental implants and give you a smile you can be proud of.

Discover Your Options

Explore treatment options for improving your dental health and bringing out the natural beauty of your smile. Call or visit Waldman Dental Group, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Owen Waldman to determine a treatment plan that’s right for you.


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